Abstract Presenters

Key Dates

NPAPN 2021 - Presenter Key Dates - Feedback

January 15, 2021

All presenters are asked to provide feedback if they would like to present their accepted abstract(s) at the virtual conference. 

NPAPN 2021 - Presenter Key Dates - Notifications

February 2021

Presenters are notified about the new program, the format of their session and the presentation requirements.

NPAPN 2021 - Presenter Key Dates - Registration

March 20, 2021

Presenters are required to be registered in order for their presentations to be included in the final program. 
> extended to April 20, 2021 <

NPAPN 2021 - Presenter Key Dates - Upload

July 20, 2021 / 
August 10, 2021

Presenters are required to upload their recorded presentation by July 20. This only applies to those who will not present live or have been accepted for an e-poster. Handouts and/or slide decks are required by August 10.

NPAPN 2021 - Presenter Key Dates - e-Posters

August 10, 2021

e-posters have to be completed in Learning Toolbox. Further information is provided here

Presenter Guidelines and Resources

Presentation Format

  • Concurrent Oral Presentation: 20 min. pre-recorded presentation – include a brief introduction of yourself (and co-presenters if applicable)
  • Clinical Workshop: 30-min live or pre-recorded presentation, 15 min Q&A – no introduction required, the session will be moderated
  • Symposium: 30-min pre-recorded presentation, 15 min live Q&A – no introduction required, the session will be moderated
  • (Pre-conference) Workshop: 90-min live presentation
  • e-Poster: for more information, click here
  • e-Poster Pitch: information will become available soon

The format and session requirements for live workshops and symposia should be discussed with the Conference Secretariat. If you have questions, please reach out to [email protected]

Session Recordings

All sessions will be recorded and made available on the platform for viewing on demand for up to 6 months post-conference. This does NOT include pre-conference workshops.