e-Poster Presentations

All poster submissions will be presented as an interactive e-Poster using a platform called ‘Learning Toolbox’. The platform allows presenters to include a wide range of multimedia and interactive material in their e-Poster including videos, surveys, presentations, weblinks and even apps. 

e-Poster presenters are not required to submit a recording. 

The highest-ranked poster abstracts are given the chance to present their e-Poster in a 2-min poster pitch during a dedicated session. If you have received a notification about your acceptance for a poster pitch, there is no need to prepare a separate presentation, as your e-Poster will be displayed on the screen with you being able to highlight the most important content during the pitch. 
  • The e-Posters are created within an online platform that includes webinars and help videos for easy use
  • The e-Posters can contain links, images, videos, apps, surveys, presentations and much more, and can be updated at any given time.
  • The e-Posters are available to view on an app and within the virtual platform where viewers can browse and search
  • e-Posters can be shared, saved and the Learning Toolbox allows delegates to have discussions that are attached to the e-Poster (viewable by all who interact with that e-Poster) and allows them to send out messages to the e-Poster author. These exchanges can happen before, during & after the conference. Our educational aim is for this extra interactivity to help delegates find and develop groups who have a shared interest in their research topic.
  • The e-Posters are accessible before, during and after the conference, making them a long-term learning resource that could be used by the e-Poster author and those who had an interest in their topic. The ‘Learning Toolbox’ effectively allows conference attendees to mark and take their favourite e-Posters with them and it allows the e-Poster author to add to and update it following the discussions at the conference.
  • e-Posters are browsable, searchable, shareable
  • Unlimited content that can be updated anytime
  • Message and chat option to encourage engaging discussions
  • Available before, during and after the conference
  • Abstract Submitters will be contacted by email in May/June 2021 with an invitation to sign up on the e-Poster creation platform
  • A webinar on how to use the learning toolbox will be offered to e-poster presenters in early June of 2021. The webinar will be recorded to be viewed on demand
  • August 10, 2021: Deadline to finalize e-Poster