Virtual Exhibition Guide

Please read carefully and reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions. Click on photos to enlarge.

The Virtual Platform used for the conference is OnAIR by EventsAIR. It is web-based and so there is no need to download an app or leave the platform to have a meeting with a virtual attendee.

Set up your Virtual Booth

To set up your virtual booth, please click the link to the ‘Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal’ that was sent to you by email. You will be able to upload your brochures, videos, weblinks, profile, logo and more. If you have questions or cannot locate th link, please contact our team at [email protected]

Explainer Video provided by OnAIR

Technical Requirements

Use a laptop, notebook or desktop computer.

The Virtual Platform works best on Google Chrome. If you don’t have Chrome installed on your computer, please do so before the conference. The platform works on other browsers like Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari, but has shown some limitations. 

Make sure you have a stable Internet / Wi-Fi connection. Turn off any unused devices that could affect your connectivity. You can test your internet connection e.g. at We recommend that you have upload and download speeds of 10 MB per second or more for a smooth experience.

Do not use a VPN connection that might block access to the platform or meeting features.

Live Video Calls with Attendees

The video meetings will be facilitated through Twilio – please test this link beforehand to ensure you can use the Video call functionality: If any of the tests other than the last two fail, your network is blocking the platform and some features (such as Video Chat) will not work. Please contact your IT department if you encounter issues. 

Enable Screen Recording Permission for macOS Catalina 10.15 & later

Apple introduced new security and privacy features with macOS Catalina. Learn how to enable screen sharing.

Logging into the Virtual Platform

Login details will be provided about one week prior to the start of the conference. Your login is personalized and cannot be shared.
When you first log in you will be asked to confirm your microphone and camera as well as to review your privacy settings.

Privacy Settings can be accessed at any time via the profile settings at the top right of the navigation bar. The navigation bar also allows you to contact our live support staff, export your notes and contacts as well as access the FAQ page. 

Timeline and Meeting Hub

Once you are logged in, you will see the Timeline (program) for the event as well as the Virtual Exhibition and the Meeting Hub where attendees can search for other attendees, set up meetings, have video chats and exchange contact details. This includes speakers, sponsors and exhibitors and is an additional way for you to connect with conference attendees. The Meeting Hub can be accessed anytime during the conference. 

Access your Virtual Booth

From the Timeline  you can chose to visit the Virtual Exhibition by clicking ‘Meet our Sponsors & Exhibitors’ or go straight to your booth by clicking ‘My Virtual Booth’.

Virtual Exhibition

All Sponsors and Exhibitors are listed in alphabetical order within the level of their sponsorship in the virtual exhibition hall. From there, attendees can view the profile or visit the booth to download brochures, view videos and weblinks and request a live video call or chat with the booth staff. 

Virtual Exhibition Hours

The Virtual Exhibition Hall will be open 24hrs during the conference dates and can be accessed for 6 months after the conference. Since this is an international conference with multiple time zones to consider, there are no dedicated exhibition hours; however, attendees will most likely be visiting in between presentations. 

Meeting with Attendees (click on photos to enlarge)

Video Call with Attendee
Start you camera / unmute your mic / start screen share in the grey bar at the bottom. On the right you can access the team chat, manage your FAQ, see your brochures and check off the lead questions.

Video Call with Attendee
See who of your colleagues is currently in meetings  and exchange your virtual business card with the attendee under ‘Meeting Hub’ by clicking ‘Connect’

Video Call with multiple Attendees
While on a video call, you can invite other attendees or even external guests to an existing meeting by clicking on ‘Invite Attendees’ or ‘Invite Guest’ 

Manage FAQ
You have the option to set up frequently asked questions at your booth. Attendees can search the list of FAQ to give attendees answers to common questions while you are not available for meetings at the booth. 

Lead Capture
You can set up lead capture questions within the ‘Sponsor and Exhibitor Portal’ that will automatically show to the booth staff during a live video call or chat with an attendee. Note that the questions are not visible to the attendee. 

Live Chat with Attendee
Attendees can also choose to connect with booth staff via chat. You can have various chats open at the same time and you will also have access to the lead questions and the virtual business card. You cannot switch to a video call from a chat though.